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Meet the Stylist

If any of you have been to Devotion Bridal Lounge recently, you've probably noticed a redheaded girl bouncing around the shop helping you out. I'm that girl; and after being here for 18 months, I'm finally going to introduce myself so you know who the heck is writing these blog posts about the dresses we carry and our thoughts on upcoming trends in bridal fashion.

Hi, I'm Anika LaFitte, I'm 19 years old and I am the Lead Stylist/Bridal Consultant here at Devotion. You can find me behind the counter answering emails and phone calls while simultaneously helping brides find their dream dress. I've been lucky enough to be a part of a professional photoshoot for Devotion as well. You may or may not have seen those depending on how long you've known me or been following our Facebook page. I have travelled from coast to coast to coast and have lived in a few remote places. Most of my education has taken place here in Prince Albert (aside from a small stint in St. John's) which is where I became good friends with Tammy's daughter, Kelsea. Aside from all of this, I am a fluent French speaker, a musician, reader, and an avid coffee lover.

Given my friendship with the owner's daughter, I slowly weaseled my way into one of the most exhilarating and rewarding workplaces a girl could ask for. No two weeks are ever the same, mainly because you never know who will walk in and surprise you with their own creative ideas for their wedding dress. Each day I aspire to help women feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin.

At Devotion, myself and Tammy believe it is crucial to make our customers feel comfortable and that they enjoy their time with us on such an important day in their lives. When we choose new dresses to feature at the shop, we hope to provide each and every bride with a dress as unique as they are.

I am thrilled to be starting this up! Stay tuned for more posts about specific dresses/ideas here at Devotion Bridal Lounge.



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